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Reformers Collective Founder & Visionary

To truly understand the DNA of ReformersCo, one must meet Pastor Becky Hennesy.


Becky is a gifted teacher and minister that communicates from her heart clearly and effectively. Her desire is to gather Reformers who want to see the Kingdom of God come and His perfect will to be done in our cities, bringing transformation to broken places and systems. Becky’s message is one of hope and reaches across generations and cultures. She has a tremendous burden for world missions, building teams and traveling internationally often, to spread the gospel and strengthen the local churches and works.


Becky is presently serving as Director of Reformation & City Transformation for Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, TX, where she is also the Co-Pastor, alongside her husband, Jim Hennesy. She is also the Chaplain for the WNBA Dallas Wings.

Becky Hennesy
Elizabeth Tiam-Fook

Elizabeth Tiam-Fook

Becky Hennesy has been handpicked by God to lead an army of reformers. She has lived the life of a reformer her whole life. I believe that the impact that she will make in the coming days will be extraordinary. God needs the reformers to be in place to transform the world and He has picked Becky to be one of the leaders of these reformers. I am so honored to champion Becky and all that God has called her to do in stewarding the Reformers Collective.

Dr. Patricia King

Dr. Patricia King

Becky Hennesy is a personal hero of mine. She has truly reformed many lives through her compassion and love. She has found needs within her community and moved forward in faith to meet them. Her community is being reformed as individuals have been touched. Becky’s walk makes us all know we can do it! I love, admire and respect Becky Hennesy as a Reformer.

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